SE-703 Earth Fault Protection Relay with DFT Filtering AS2081:2002

SE-703 - Earth Leakage Relay

The SE-703 Earth Fault Monitor is an economical solution to curing nuisance tripping resulting from harmonics and noise from VF drives, and other digital sources..

The SE-703 is a microprocessor-based Earth-Leakage Relay for resistance and solidly earth systems, offering sensitive earth fault detection as low as 25mA.

Due top the Littelfuse Startco DFT filtering, the SE-703 can be used on systems with significant harmonic noise

The SE-703 was designed to satisfy the requirements of AS2081 (2002)

Features & Benefits
  • 5 year warranty - each individual product heat soak tested with conformally coated circuit boards
  • Harmonic filtering - Eliminates nuisance tripping due to harmonic noise - employing Littelfuse Startco DFT Filtering
  • Microprocessor based - No required calibration saves maintenance cost
  • Adjustable trip settings (25-500mA) provides a wide range of low level protection.
  • Adjustable time delay (50-500ms) Allows for quick protection and system coordination
  • Non volatile trip memory - retention of trip state while de-energised simplifies system fault finding
  • A wide range of power supplies available, 12/24Vdc, 48Vdc, 24Vac, 120/240Vac/dc
  • CT loop monitoring - relay alarms when CT is not detected
  • Approvals - CS, UL,C-Tick, AS2081(2002)
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