SE-330AU - Neutral Earth Resistor (NER) Monitoring Relay - AS2081:2002

SE-330AU - NER Monitoring Relay

A Neutral Earth Resistor (NER) is used to limit the let through current in the event of an earth fault on an IT system. Therefore, it is important (and for coal mines mandatory) that the integrity of this NER is monitored.

The SE-330AU is an advanced earth fault and earthing resistor (NER) monitoring relay for low and medium voltage transformers and generators. It monitors neutral current, neutral to earth voltage, and neutral to earth resistance. It provides continuous monitoring of the neutral to earth path to verify that the neutral earthing resistor (NER) is intact.

This is of utmost importance as an open NER renders current sensing earth fault protection inoperative and could result in a false belief that the system is functioning properly.

The SE-330AU earth fault function complies with AS/NZS 2081.3:2002. Outputs include an analog output, four relay outputs, and an RS-232 interface. Network communications options are available. Non AS2081 options are available.

Supply Voltage Options - 65-265VAC, 32-70VDC, 80-265VDC

Communications Options available are: RS232 (as standard), DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet

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