MHI Air Conditioners

MHI High Wall Split

High Wall Split System: - A high wall split system is a very popular air-conditioning choice for many Australians. The indoor unit is mounted on a wall in the room or living space that is to be air-conditioned and attached to an outdoor unit. MHI’s range of quality inverter wall splits includes capacities as small as 2.0kW and as large as 9.2kW. You’ll be sure to find a unit to suit the room or living space you need air-conditioned. download a copy of the SR brochure here.

MHI Multi Head Inverters

Multi Head Inverters: - A Multi Head Inverter System allows the home owner to air condition a number of rooms, with a reduced number of outdoor units. Contact us to assist with correct product selection. You can download a copy of the latest MHI Multi Series Brochure here.

MHI Ceiling Cassettes

Ceiling Cassettes: - Perfect for tiled ceilings and office spaces the MHI range of ceiling cassettes offer capacities from 5.0kw, up to 14.0 kw. To examine the range of ceiling cassettes available from MHI contact your nearest Davis & Spence sales office.

VRF KX Systems

VRF KX Series: - The MHI VRF KX series offers an energy efficient solution for multi-storey and large buildings, while the KX Micro range can be used in offices, shops and muli-storey residences. VRF allows temperature control in individual rooms, where some can be heating, while an adjoining room can be cooling.
As these systems are designed on an application basis, please contact our sales office for your best solution.