QTII - Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Terminations

QT-II Cold Shrink terminations by 3M provide easy installation for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
The 3M QT-II Cold Shrink termination is based on specially formulated, track-resistant silicone rubber insulators incorporating Hi-K stress relief.
The insulators are pre-stretched around a spiral-wound, plastic core. Once the cable is properly prepared, the termination is simply slipped over and the core is removed, with the silicone tube immediately shrinking to the cable's dimensions. The result is a void-free, flexible seal without the need for special tools, the application of heat or the need for hot work permits!.

Fast, easy installation. 3M QTII offer a cost competitive solution to heat shrink competitors, without the need for external heat, and therefore hot work permits.

Each QTII kit contains, as a minimum the Hi-K silicone Rubber Termination, tape, mastic strips, silicone grease and instruction sheet.