Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Termination and Splices

Davis & Spence Pty Ltd is your 3M Authorised Kitting Partner for Medium Voltage Termination and Splice products!

If you are looking for a medium voltage (3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV or 33kV) termination or splice kit - talk to us - we keep the components on the shelf for same day despatch!

3M Cold Shrink - the name says it all!
3M developed Cold Shrink over 40 years ago, with the first cold shrink termination released on to the market in 1972. Since then, over 10 million 3M cold shrink terminations have been installed worldwide

Why use 3M Cold Shrink Termination and Joints (splices)?
  • Fast, uncomplicated, tool free installation
  • No flame, or heat source required
  • No special site permits or hot work permits required
  • Reduced chance of damaging XLPE cable material
  • Easier to use in confined spaces
  • Reduced number of components - some having only 1 part construction!
  • Lower installed cost - compared to competitors products
  • QTII - Terminations
    The 3M QTII was the first, silicon cold shrink tube, with integral stress control - making installation quicker and simpler, than competitor products. With the addition of some tape and silicone grease, you have a termination which is quick to install, and requires no heat!

    QTIII - Terminations - Our Premium Product
    The 3M QTIII is the latest development in the 3M Cold Shrink Termination range, offering integrated stress control, moisture blocking mastic, and stress control mastic, offering a truly 1 piece termination product. With an advanced silicon construction, it offers extremely good track resistance, and a shorter termination length means you can use this product in a wider range of boxes!